Adventure Climb VR is a FREE room-scale climbing experience consisting of a short one level adventure through the Canyon. Achieve triumph through a rock climbing challenge designed by actual rock climbers. Race to the top, or explore the various Easter Eggs and SECRET Locations.

Adventure Climb VR started humbly as "VR Climbing", which was developed in about two weeks for a competitive climbing event. When that went well, we decided to invest more time to make it our first Steam release.


- Oversaw prototype production and determined basic needs of the project.

- Coordinated between programming, art, and audio disciplines to achieve our needs.

- Led QA to ensure that the game functioned properly.

- Hosted playtesting with the public and documented bugs to be addressed.

- Planned and delegated tasks necessary to transition the game from a rapid prototype experience to a full game.

- Directed launch to Steam.


Unique Challenges

- First Steam Release: Within the core team of this project, none of us had ever done a Steam release before. We learned quickly that there are many requirements from spec recommendations to gameplay footage. We had some difficulty and solved it by reaching out within the larger team to the one person who did have experience pushing to Steam.

- Gravity: In the first version of the game, we did not include gravity. There was one place in the level where gravity was necessary for the zipline mechanic but this proved confusing for players and resulted in some unfortunate bugs. For the final version, we decided to add gravity, and it has been a huge improvement for functionality as well as realism.

- Hands-Off Leadership: The two leads on this project did very well without much need for my direction. This was an interesting experience for me because I am usually carefully managing tasks and overall production but with this, we were getting good results. This was a personal challenge more than I production challenge because I needed to get comfortable taking a step back. One positive result was that I was able to focus more of my energy managing our other projects. I discovered that passionate people are the best at self-managing.