Freak Show is a 2D traditionally animated short film and my first experience as a Producer. 


- Developed production schedules and delegated task assignments for the animation team.
- Dynamically adjusted those schedules according to progress.

- Communicated across between team members to determine individual needs and shift tasks as necessary to hit production milestones on time.

- Directed communication between teammates to ensure task completion.

- Addressed communication problems and resolved conflicts.
- Encouraged quieter teammates to voice their opinions and concerns so we could collaborate effectively.

Unique Challenges

- Scope Control: Right out the gate, I recognized that even with a large animation team, the time period of this project posed a strict limitation. This required us to keep character models minimal, requiring less animation. We also elected to use plenty of sweeping environment shots that would require little production time to complete.

- Carrying the Team: In some cases, teammates would not be able to complete their tasks on time. These things happen, of course, and it's important to keep communication open. People are people first and need take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. In such cases, we shifted tasks around so people who were struggling could take care of what they needed.