Tusks is a VR Museum experience that displays photogrammetry of real fossils of woolly mammoth and woolly rhino, including supplementary visual, information, and interactivity.


- Developed production schedules and delegated task assignments for the art team.
- Dynamically adjusted those schedules according to progress.

- Adjusted overall scope and determined feature priorities for agile production.

- Communicated across disciplines to determine programmer and artist needs.

- Directed communication between teammates to ensure task completion.

- Addressed communication problems and resolved conflicts.
- Identified areas for improvement and determined what we could do to make this experience shine.

Unique Challenges

 - User Friendly: We needed to make this as accessible as possible, but realized some users were struggling to grasp basic controls so added extra tutorial imagery.

- Performance Optimization: We were suffering significant frame drops, On further investigation, we discovered some simple assets had more complexity than expected. We reduced these objects to improve performance.