Hello, this is Gwen.

Once upon a time I was a very shy kid. I always waited for someone else to start the conversation. In high school, I set my heart on working in games. I knew it was no time to be timid. I had to be more proactive in developing relationships with people so I would be able to network confidently. I started introducing myself to new people more, started more conversations, and stopped being afraid of socializing. When I started college, I introduced myself to all my classmates in every class and learned all their names within the first week of the semester. Since making that change, I've continued to develop my personal communication skills. I found that we stop fixating on our own insecurities and start helping others to feel more comfortable, we can build stronger trust.

I've been creating since I was born and playing video games even longer (my mother swallowed a tamagotchi). 

Favorite Games:

Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Undertale, Grandia II, Guilty Gear, Warcraft III, Halo, Starcraft, Portal, Zoombinis