Cures & Curios is a virtual reality game built in Unreal 4 for the HTC Vive. In the game, the player is the owner and proprietor of a medicine show cart in the Weird Old West. Players will concoct potions and elixirs, barter and trade with customers, and perform acts of magic.

My role on the team was a combination Art Producer and Technical Artist, developing procedural assets, shaders, and tools. I had the honor of leading seven other artists from various sub-disciplines including concept, characters, environments, and animation.


- Developed production schedules and delegated task assignments for the art team.
- Dynamically adjusted those schedules according to progress.

- Adjusted overall scope and determined feature priorities for agile production.

- Identified inefficiencies and developed tools to improve production for environment artists as well as designers.

- Communicated across disciplines to determine programmer and designer needs.

- Directed communication between teammates to ensure task completion.

- Addressed communication problems and resolved conflicts.

Unique Challenges

- Scope Control: In the case of one artist leaving the team, we adjusted our plans and significantly reduced scope early in production to ensure high quality in the final product.

- Infinity Challenge: We wanted to include an infinite space illusion within the player's setting. This was proving to be difficult on the programming side. We found another solution by using modeling and texturing to create an illusion.