Space Jump is a VR thrill experience made specifically for the Space Needle in Seattle. Every day, about 1000 people goes through this experience.

I came in towards the end of this project so my first objective was to understand the progress so far. The Space Needle was already finished as well as most of the buildings in the city Seattle, but there was still plenty of work left to be done...



- Work with a team of programmers and artists to understand the current stages of the project and what was still left to be done.

- Communicated with client and partners to achieve the needs of the project.

- Directed communication between teammates to ensure task completion.
- Identified areas that needed improved visual qualities.

- Adjusted water assets and added VFX to make water more realistic and beautiful.
- Experimented with atmospheric fog and texture adjustments to blend the water and city models with the skybox.

- Directed communication between art and tech to solve SpeedTree integration and LOD issues.
- Determined areas for polish to make the city come alive.
- Worked with our graphics programmer to develop shaders to achieve desired effects.
- Managed the team and delegated tasks to reach project completion.


Unique Challenges

- Coming on Late: Since I joined this project near the end of completion, there was a lot to catch up on. It was also my first time managing this particular team, including 4 people who joined at the same time as me. This meant that about half of the team had never worked together. Luckily the existing team did a great job getting myself and the other new members on board with the project so we could hit the ground running. 

- SkyBox Blending: Making a whole city brought some new challenges, especially being so high up, and therefore able to see the end of the world. We modeled the city for a few miles out but needed to hide the seams where water and terrain met the sky. We used a combination of atmospheric fog and shader/texture tricks to hide the seam.

- LODs: We also had some LOD issues with SpeedTree, so I directed collaboration within the team to find a solution. We also used many extremely low poly assets for faraway objects like cars to make the city appear full without hurting performance.